The Heart of Man series is inspired by the sea and named with reference to Vincent van Gogh who said…

‘The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has it’s storms, it has it’s tides and in its depths it has it’s pearls too.’ Vincent van Gogh

Experiencing nature is experiencing ourselves. The sea, and so the painting of it, can call us to remember past experiences, highs and lows, fears and loves…

This series is made with acrylic and charcoal, painted on high quality paper, mounted on wood panel and glazed, 15cm x 15cm. All paintings have a wood block at the back so they can stand on a shelf and they are also ready to hang floating an inch from the wall.

£65 or $85 US via Paypal invoice (otheŕ methods are available).

Purchase price includes worldwide postage and packing.

Direct message your desire to purchase.

The Walk of Life.
Life Under the Blue.
Ebb and Sway.
Into the Deep. SOLD
Threads of Change.
No Regrets.
Accross the Way.
Fear or Favour.
Life Energy.
And Still They Dance.
Reflecting upon this series of work.

Please do message me if you are interested in purchasing works from this series and thank you for your interest.

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