The deep and meaningful sense of connection and love I craved as a child I learned to find in our untended garden, sitting amongst the weeds, wild flowers, long grass and rough ground.

My childhood saying was ‘I can’t get close enough’.

When I had children of my own they became my world. Yet as the years went by the panic set in. They were getting older, more independant… one day they would fly the nest. They weren’t mine to keep and the anticipated void was unbearable. I was mourning their loss even before they had left. I desperately needed a life beyond my children.

That was when it all changed.

Always happiest close to nature I decided to become a florist. I had always loved flowers for their sense of peace and I was drawn to their colour and intricate detail. But I soon realised that I preferred nature at it’s most raw and natural; it’s abstract qualities feeding an endless curiosity just as they had when I was a child.

I already had a passion for drawing and this led me to train as a fine artist; something which had always felt like an impossible dream. And it was at university that I regained an affinity with looking closely, a necessity for good drawing skills. Naturally I turned to nature for my inspiration.

Untamed nature stops me in my tracks. I feel captivated as if it were a silent metaphore for life and a search for meaning. It is seemingly so insignificant and overlooked in the world, and yet providing a sense of connection and wonder. I want the world to notice, because the connection is so deep and abiding. For me the external landscape and the internal landscape are the same. I love reaching a sense of both in my paintings.


I create acrylic paintings on paper, wood and canvas. Painting is my playground where rhythm, texture and colour qualities interrelate often resulting in a mix of abstract and landscape.


I begin with intuitive mark-making and experimentation exploring the rhythms of nature and building up layers of paint. Recollections of personal experiences just seem to follow. Eventually the painting lets me in and I become driven to respond naturally to what evolves over time, nurturing the process and trusting the outcome…much as nature does.

The process is intuitive and medidative and engages me in deep searching to draw out something tangiable. I am happiest when my paintings convey this through their colour and rich detail and offer an uplifting experience full of surprises.


I fully believe in the power of the painting process to relate to and connect with a deeper experience and a richer sense of self. A painting that evokes memory and imagination can help us feel relaxed, energised, uplifted and connected. It is no small thing to recognise we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, something to value, to take pride in and to care for.

BA (hons) Drawing for Fine Art Practice – Bath University, 2011.

Work selected widely for open call exhibitions.

Work in collections worldwide.

Specialise in teaching Experimental Drawing.


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