About Me

Hi! I am so happy to see you here.

Can you imagine my joy…

After such a difficult and isolated childhood I actually grew up to have two fabulous sons and I get to celebrate them with pride every day. Well, I got to wondering what wonderful lives will they create for themselves?


It occured to me to write my own list of dreams!

First, learn to draw… so I studied fine art at Bath University.

Second, exhibit my work… so I became a keen exhibitor in exhibitions throughout the Southwest of England.

Third, sell my work… so I sold work locally, nationally, and then around the world!

You see, my difficult and isolated childhood had taught me the value of solitude and introspection and the importance of valuing the natural world, and especially the beauty in the seemingly overlooked details. It must have been born out of a need to feel valued myself? And have you ever noticed that when you spend time focusing on the details of something, really being present in the moment, everything feels alright?

And now?

I have a passion for the painting process in it’s own right. It offers solitude and introspection, yes, but it is also a freeing, exhilarating and joyful experience. I can experiment and play and be curious. Through the many painted layers, the drips and the drawn line I am able to…


And the outcome?

Paintings that are intimate and sensitive with interrelationships of colour, texture, form and line; qualities which can be sought for, noticed, valued, and paintings which can captivate the curiosity and then…