An abstract-intuitive painter with faith in the beauty of free expression.

Painting calls to action the values I hold sacred; spirituality, humility, compassion, honesty, kindness, integrity, selflessness, courage, empathy and attentiveness.

From me to you with love.

Sienna, acrylic on wood panel. 34cm x 34cm
Stop to Dream, acrylic on wood panel. đź”´SOLD

“I adore my painting ❤. I see it every day and always love looking at it.”

Rachel Melody, Art Teacher and professional artist

“Beverley’s paintings are so uplifting and life-affirming and really do counteract the negativity that is all around us at present.”

Teresa Davey, Teacher

“I am fortunate to own two of Beverley Anderson’s paintings. As a nature lover myself I find Bev’s abstract landscapes really resonate with me, and I am fascinated by the process she uses to translate her lived experience of the wild onto paper and canvas. There is both sensitivity and strength in her work, and also in her character, and it is interesting to see how her work is evolving. Purchasing artwork from her is a professional and straightforward experience and I am very happy with my paintings. I only wish I had the wall space for more.”

Suzie Simmons, Richard Jefferies museum

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