About Me

My name is Beverley and I live in Wiltshire, England. I work in my purpose built garden studio which I affectionately call The Birdhouse. I have a studio assistant called Molly, a West Highland Terrier.

I studied fine art at Bath University and promptly became obsessed with exhibiting in open call exhibitions throughout the Southwest of England. I built up quite some experience and quietly built up my confidence too. I am interested in textile sculpture, experimental drawing, conceptual installation and painting, but I am a painter at heart.

My painting style has evolved quite a bit as I have been searching for my own authentic voice and for my preferred way of working. First I created semi-abstract paintings based upon my experience of the landscape. Then, with a fondness for the painting process in it’s own right, I turned to non-objective painting which I found freeing and exhilarating.

I have an endless curiosity for intimate spaces and the interrelationships between things. I love nothing better than the ecclectic contents of personal trinket boxes; collections of fresh and decaying flowers, laces and ribbons, scraps of paper and fabric, collected shells, stones, leaves and twigs. This is a childhood habit which continues to this day. My curiosity is piqued especially during times of solitude spent revelling in the abstract intricacies of nature in my garden, on a country walk, or by the water’s edge.

And in my studio too, through a process of painted layers, drips and the drawn line, I am able to express and explore my own feelings and perceptions.  I eagerly search out the fascinating and often intimate and delicate interrelationships of form, texture, colour and line which have always so captivated my curiosity.