Keeping it Real

Abstract floral painting

Hello everyone!

Well yesterday I met up with artist friends of The Experimental Drawing Hub group. This is a group I have been co-ordinating for some five years with the very talented artist, Paul Exton. I hope to show you some of his masterful drawings soon. As a group we are considering ‘Similarity and Difference’ as we work and the paintings I shall post next have been created with that thought in mind.

It is such a privilege to talk to other practicing artists. We share all our hopes and fears, what we have tried, if we have reached an impass with our work, what we love about the work shared, ideas of where we can take the work next and so, so much more. It never ceases to amaze me how valuable this small community is in offering support and company, insites and validation.

I was personally struck by the support I recieved, for I was declaring my attempts in peeling off the layers to reach a newer level of honesty in my work. As time goes by, and perhaps as I get older too, I feel less and less concerned about how my work will be received and more concerned with painting from a place of kindness to myself; how I feel, what I love.

It strikes me that it is our own uniquity which is most important and we ought not to be afraid of showing it. When we are brave and trust the process we are our truest selves. That is our gift to others.

I hope this resonates with you.
Much love.

One thought on “Keeping it Real

  • Talking with other artists is so important. My ‘art’ at the moment is confined to two sketching groups on Facebook and the odd life drawing session. The sketching groups provide support and coming into our second year, although none of us have met yet, we feel as if we really know each other. I understand what you mean by pleasing yourself in your art (nothing do with age I might add!!!).

    In terms of my photography, thanks to an online group (group now defunct) I have met fellow photographers in several places throughout the world, most recently in Australia, Thailand and London. There’s a sense of belonging.

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