Welcome to my first blog!

Welcome to my new website. I am glad you are reading this, my first blog, and I hope you will subscribe to follow me on my creative journey. It has been quite a journey so far and my painting style has been continually evolving. I include some of my semi-abstract work here which is based upon personal experience of being in the landscape. I also include some later non-objective pieces. I have many more paintings to add to the collection which will be available for sale, so I do hope you will stay in touch.

I am working in my studio at the moment and I must say I am very excited by a new approach. It feels a much more comfortable fit, working from intuition and in a more painterly way. The work is more exhilarating to make and I hope that shows in the final pieces. They are non-objective, but with a ‘suggestive’ quality, and with a return to the painterly process I love so mush. I will show you soon.

I hope to create regular blogs. They will, or course, include my own thoughts and progress, but they will also share many aspects of a painter’s practice.

Will catch up with you soon.

Much love for now.

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